The Truth About Wool

WARNING! Viewer discretion advised.

Wool comes from sheep. Sheep grows wool. Weather gets hot, we shear sheep and get wool in exchange to make clothing. In this perfect scenario it’s a win win situation right? I mean, shearers ARE doing those sheep a favour, we don’t want these animals to be overburdened with wool.


Sheep that have not been genetically manipulated, grow just enough wool to protect themselves from temperature extremes.

“Because shearers are usually paid by volume and not by hour, this then encourages fast work with little to no regard for the welfare of the sheep.”

In fact, an investigation carried out by PETA has found that sheep are denied food and water 48 hours before they are meant to be sheared, to weaken them, so that ‘they won’t put up much of a fight’. Video footage has revealed acts conducted by shearers such as punching, kicking and stomping on sheep in the shearing shed. Any wounds that were made on the sheep were loosely sewn together with no anaesthesia or care for the welfare of these animals. It is uncommon to find dead bodies of sheep lying around due to the torment.

Investigation within the wool industry has revealed some rather disturbing facts, as quoted by PETA:

“Lambs tails being chopped off without painkillers. Male lambs are castrated via cutting the testicles out or with a rubber ring used to cut off blood supply. When the lamb’s testicles do not fall off as expected, shearers often just cut them off with clippers.”

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In addition to the abuse, ‘mulesing’ is performed on lambs and sheep, a painful procedure which involves slicing skin from the buttocks of lambs without anaesthetic to produce a scar, free of wool, faecal/urine stains and skin wrinkles. This horrific procedure is performed in an attempt to prevent ‘flystrike’.

“Flystrike is caused when the wrinkles around the breech area collect urine and moisture. Attracted to the moisture, flies lay eggs in the folds of the skin and the hatched maggots can eat the sheep alive. The process of performing Mulesing does help reduce, but does not eliminate the incidence of flystrike.”

Image source: Vegan Magazine
Image source: Animals Australia

There are many difference alternatives which are currently still being trialled, these include Skin Traction and gene mapping the sheep blowfly. However, the best alternative is prevention.

“Selecting breeds that have wrinkle free breech area, resistant to flystrike, closer monitoring, timely shearing and applying insecticide during fly season can all assist in the prevention of flystrike.”

What can I do to help?

There are many ways in which you can help my friend. Simply by:

  • Not purchasing wool (there are many humane alternatives to wool such as ; rayon, cotton, hemp, acrylic, nylon, microfibre)
  • Purchase cruelty free wool which have the cruelty free logo
  • Sign petitions against animal cruelty in the wool industry
  • Support non profit organisations campaigning for cruelty free sheep standards: Animals Australia, PETA

Cosmetic Animal Testing

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Animal testing has been around for centuries. Animal testing is used to test the safety and hypoallergenic properties of products. Cosmetic animal testing may involve either a finished product, or the individual ingredients of a finished product to be tested on animals. Rabbits, rats and mice are often used in these cruel and unsightly lab experiments. However, it is found that other animals such as pigs, monkeys and dogs are also used in lab experiments.

It is proven that there are many non animal test methods that can be used as alternatives. They have the potential to be cheaper, faster and more relevant to humans.Unfortunately there are still many companies who continue to ignore the welfare of animals and the cruel torturous tactics used to produce a lipstick.

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While some of the experimentation on animals today is required by law, most is not. In fact a number of countries have implemented bans on the testing of certain types of products on animals. Those countries are: the European Union, India, Israel & Norway.

“But what can I do to help?” you say to yourself. Plenty my dear friend. Plenty. As a consumer you can CHOOSE not to purchasing products that are tested on animals and opting for the cruelty free alternatives out on the markets.

You can CHOOSE to donate to only to charities that don’t experiment on animals.

YOU CAN DEMAND immediate implementation of humane, effective non animal tests from government agencies and corporations.

The choice is yours.