Top 10 Spring/Summer Trends 2016/2017

  1. Sneakers
    I love sneakers, I love sneakers, I love sneakers. Hands down. I have never been the one to wear sneakers. Years back, I would definitely describe my style as girly. So would steer away from sneakers as much as possible. I have just recently been looking for ways to give my style a bit of “edge”. I want to slowly drift away from the girly image that I had and steer towards something more edgy, more tough. I purchased my first ever pair of converse and have never looked back. Comfortable and lightweight. Sneakers gave my feet the freedom to run errands and be on my feet all day without any soreness. A bonus. The sneakers and sundress trend is really in!. Pair it with a small crossbody bag as shown above and your ready for the busy day!

    Image source: Glamradar


  2. Wide leg Trousers
    If you are like me, loosely fitted clothes are a fav for the hot summer months. I love this trend for many different reason. Tailored yet casual. Loose and flowy. Best paired with a fitted top.

    Image source: stylishwife


  3. Metallics
    Metallic shorts are my favourite this season, paired with a basic white tee, baseball cap and sneakers. You really can’t go wrong.

    Image source: Glamradar


  4. Bare Shoulders
    Dresses with bare shoulders scream to me femininity mixed with sexiness. Great for pear shapes to balance out the bottom heavy half. Bare shoulder tops/dresses draw horizontal attention to your shoulders.

    Image source: Nordstrom


  5. Modern Lace
    In spring, I tend to opt for white lace pieces. Lace reminds me of the floral fields on a nice luke warm Spring evening. Feminine and girly. I enjoy matching lace pieces with pastel colours in Spring.

    Image source: happilygrey


  6. Satin Slip dresses
    I cheated here. This is two trends in one. Satin and slip dresses. Both trends that are hot this Spring/Summer. I love the chic sophistication that satin gives. Transform your satin slip dress from night to day with a crew neck white tee underneath and your day time chic!

    Image source: styleaddict


  7. Backpacks
    I been seeing backpacks everywhere from online fashion blogs to social media, to retail stores! This is not a new trend, but am hoping that it stays. relieve the poor shoulders of the one sided handbag straps and giving us that cute preppy college look. I’m in this phase where studded bags are appealing to me. I love pairing “tough” looking accessories with feminine pieces. The perfect balance.

    Image source: Forever21


  8. Shades of Blue
    When I think of the colour blue, I think of the sky and the sea. A colour which is beneficial to the mind and body as it produces a calming affect. The colour blue reminds me of a windy day near the shore, hearing the waves crashing gently against the rocks. Gazing into the far distance. Blue reminds me of those Summer getaways that we all long for, warm weather, cool drinks.

    Image source: ShopStyle

  9. Lace up shoes
    Can I get an amen for lace up shoes. I feel like a Grecian Goddess in lace up shoes. Period.

    Image source: myshoebazar


  10. Lace up Tops
    From lace up shoes to now lace up tops.

    Image source: styleaddict

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